Today people in your organization are doing analysis dozens of ways, using spreadsheets, applications, desktop tools, long-standing data warehouses and business intelligence software. That means you’re managing dozens of different requirements for data and access and visualization, not to mention the associated costs. At the same time everyone wants more innovation, faster, without sacrificing correct and consistent results. So the question you face is how to do it all: how will you get the flexibility you need together with the structure to drive accuracy and the speed to disrupt your competitors?

The answer is easier than you might think. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a single strategic platform that meets your needs for speed and scale at the same time it accommodates your users and their requirements. It fits into your environment, helping you do as much of your analysis as possible in the cloud, at the same time it offers easy access to any source so you make the best use of all your data no matter where it is.

It provides a variety of options for intelligent analysis without being overwhelming to deploy and manage, making it an effective way to engage more people in analysis and extend your organization’s expertise. A complete, connected, and collaborative choice, Oracle Analytics Cloud makes it easy for you to capitalize on cloud analytics today and in the future.

  • Complete: Everything You Need for Analytics
  • Connected: Getting You the Right Data at the Right Time
  • Collaborative: Changing the Way You Work
  • Choice: Giving You the Best Options for Your Business
  • Get the Value You Want from Analytics Today

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