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Looking to Lower Your Infrastructure Costs, Ensure Uptime, and Minimize Your IT Overhead.

GTS JDE on Iaas offering provides multiple packages with personalised options to fit your needs and ensure full customer satisfaction.

Why JD Edwards with Infrastructure as a Service?

In today’s highly competitive global business environment, your business can derive both IT and business value from cloud deployment that supports growth, enables business agility, and lowers cost and risk.

you’ll realize cost-effective application deployment and management with fewer operational issues, better security, and less downtime. Cloud deployment reduces infrastructure, license, and management costs.

How Are We Different?

As a full service provider of consulting, application delivery, and support & maintenance- GTS can be your single provider to offer a complete set of services.

Our consultants are seasoned professionals with years of excellence delivery and deep technical skills with broad industry and functional knowledge. This synthesis of expertise gives us the insight to understand our customers’ needs.

Over time we see more JD Edwards customers taking advantage of moving their JD Edwards instances to the Oracle cloud.

This article will discuss in detail all you need to know about JD Edwards and the advantages of moving it to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We will also guide you through this process to help you understand when to move it to the cloud, how it is done, and how much it costs.

What is JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud. It increases business agility, lowers costs, and reduces IT complexity which will help your organization drive innovation and business transformation. You can substitute your owned hosted hardware systems with IaaS offerings, giving you the privilege of running your JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud.

Why Move to JD Edwards on IaaS:

When your JD Edwards system runs on Oracle Iaas while Global Technology Solutions manages your EnterpriseOne environment, you will benefit your business from the computing, network, and storage capability of Oracle Cloud. You will also reduce your total cost of ownership by reducing hardware and routine maintenance expenses.

Iaas will expedite the deployment of the cloud without an IT bottleneck.

The Vendor Will Manage the Cloud
The Vendor Will Manage the Cloud

The deployment will become easier as the vendor has specialized cloud deployment and maintenance staff. Free yourself from the limitations of legacy IT infrastructure.

Plenty of Room for Growth
Plenty of Room for Growth

It is considered secure and scalable storage. The service provider can easily add additional hardware and disc space when your organization needs it.

Secure and scalable storage
Secure and scalable storage

Your organization’s IT resources will become free so that you can focus on your business. It is a low-risk option with predictable cost

In a word, moving your JD Edwards to the cloud is a long-term benefit creator for your business.

What are the benefits of Global Technology Solutions helping you move JD Edwards to the cloud?

Moving your ERP to the cloud is the best solution for your company, especially if you have an increased ERP cost year over year and high resource utilization, which can prevent the company from innovating. Moreover, you will be able to benefit from all the Oracle Cloud benefits, like better performance and scalability, all together with lowering your total cost of ownership.

Working with Global Technology Solutions will ensure you get transparent packaged pricing, including the migration services, the subscription, and managed services, without any additional or hidden costs. You will also benefit from an Oracle Certified Partner with a team of subject matter experts in each industry. This will help you throughout the digital transformation journey and ensure a smooth migration to the cloud.

Many companies had a fixed scope offering from Global Technology Solution. That will lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) by more than 25%

When Do You Consider the Cloud?

Digital transformation has become a big trend increasing all industries’ efficiency and profits. It has accelerated the requirements for extending and modernizing on-premises solutions, such as JD Edwards, with Oracle cloud applications and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Therefore, Moving your JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is always worthwhile. However, some business circumstances can provide an excellent opportunity to do so.

  • On-premises or legacy system upgrades
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Business process improvement
  • ERP consolidation
  • Hardware expiration

In addition, Some JD Edwards customers are in an excellent place to consider cloud migration:

  • Old Customers on an old and heavily modified version.
  • If someone is using JD Edwards in a limited capacity.
Cloud ERP

How Do You Move to the Cloud?

Before starting any migration, you need to choose a good consultant with enough experience with Oracle Cloud Solutions. He can help perform the migration properly and ensure all modules work correctly.
However, if your organization has always been reluctant to take risks, you can always start with one vertical or Cloud extension. A well-thought-out plan and phased approach will help you be more comfortable with the cloud migration process and ensure success.
Global technology solutions will help you develop a strategic roadmap and help you map your journey to the Cloud. Let us help you to figure out the path forward that best aligns with your goals and your business needs.

Are you ready to maximize the benefit of both JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud? Contact Global Technology Solutions today to help you set a strategic plan to achieve your goals and move your business into the future.

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