Optimize the performance of your NetSuite accout

Like visiting the doctor for an annual checkup, it’s important to regularly assess the health of your business systems. Luckily, NetSuite offers several tools to allow users to proactively review and optimize the performance and health of their NetSuite instances.

In this guideline we shed light on 5 tools to help you gain visibility into the performance of your solution to identify opportunities for optimizations and improvements :

  1. Performance Health Dashboard is a powerful visual tool that once enabled, displays high-level information about your account over the previous 7 days using tiles, figures, and tables. Once you identify an issue or error, you can further investigate by clicking on each tile on the Performance Dashboard. You’ll see detailed tables for each issue type found in your account.
  2. Record Pages Monitor, provides detailed information on the 10 most used record operations. The Record Pages Monitor lets you view key metrics and trend graphs.
  3. SuiteScript Analysis, to learn about when a script was installed and its performance.
  4. Search Performance Analysis Dashboard and Saved Search Portlet; transform financial insights into data-rich stories. By monitoring saved searches in real time, you can ensure they operate at peak performance and identify potential performance issues.
  5. Putting It All Together to Maximize NetSuite Performance With Advanced Customer Support. ACS can provide prescriptive guidance and extra resources to move these initiatives forward.


Proactively reviewing the performance of your NetSuite account ensures it can keep pace with your business!


Download the business guide to learn which NetSuite tools can help you monitor performance by:

  • Identifying and investigating potential issues.
  • Utilizing data visualizations for key performance metrics.
  • Reviewing saved search, scripts, and record page performance.
6 Tools to Optimize the Performance of Your NetSuite Account

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