20 KPIs Every Growing Business Should Track

20 KPIs Every Growing Business Should Track

To ensure a business is on track, business owners implement key performance indicators (KPIs). A KPI measures a company’s performance against its primary business objectives. KPIs are essential to measuring as your business is growing. 

  • They monitor company health.
  • They measure progress toward goals.
  • They indicate whether a goal needs to be adjusted.
  • They uncover trouble spots.
  • They reveal patterns and trends.

There are two types of KPIs: high-level and lower-level. High-level KPIs are measures of overall business performance, while lower-level KPIs are measures of specific departments or areas of the business. 

There are a lot of different financial KPIs out there, so it can be challenging to know which ones are most important for your business. This article will give you 20 of the most popular financial KPIs, tips on choosing the proper KPIs for your business, and how financial software can help you set and track financial KPIs.

20 KPIs Every Growing Business Should Track Infographic

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