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Get real-time visibility with Odoo's warehouse management app.

Streamline operations with Odoo Inventory: Prevent stockouts, speed processes, optimize routes, ensure visibility, automate reminders, and maintain stock levels.

What is Odoo Inventory?

Odoo Inventory is a comprehensive and modern inventory management system that offers real-time visibility, optimized routes, and reduced stockouts. It includes features like automated vendor reminders, flawless replenishments with smart strategies, and streamlined receipt, quality control, and storage processes. The app supports offline operations, fast barcode scanning, and integrates with various carriers for easy packing and shipping.

✔ Fast barcode scanning
✔ Clear reservation mechanism
✔ Reduce distances with smart routes
✔ Clear traceability
✔ Inventory valuation

Real Time Data Access

Real-Time Tracking

barcode scanning

Fast Barcode Scanner

Clear Traceability

Clear traceability

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