Odoo Project

Manage Your Projects Effortlessly

Odoo streamlines project management with integrated tools for task tracking, real-time collaboration, and automated workflows, ensuring effortless project execution from planning to completion.

What Is Odoo Project?

Odoo Project is a comprehensive project management tool within the Odoo suite of business applications. It allows users to organize tasks and stakeholders, gain a comprehensive overview of their projects, and boost team productivity.

Odoo Project features include task management on a timeline, tracking deadlines and progress, managing task dependencies, and forecasting project resources while considering factors such as employee holidays. It uses the Kanban project management system, which breaks projects down into tasks categorized on a visual board. Odoo Project integrates seamlessly with other Odoo applications, providing a unified platform for various business needs

boost productivity

boost Team Productivity

Foster collaboration

Foster Collaboration

Track costs and revenues

Track costs and revenues

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