Odoo Expenses

Automate and Simplify Your Expense Reporting Process

Odoo Expense automates and simplifies expense reporting by allowing users to capture expenses via email, scan, drag and drop, or manual entry, streamlining management and accounting review processes

What Is Odoo Expenses?

Odoo Expenses is a comprehensive expense management solution designed to streamline the process of tracking and managing business expenses. It allows users to easily record expenses by sending an email, scanning receipts, dragging and dropping files, or manually entering data. Key features include the ability to reinvoice expenses to customers, configure expense types, and manage expense categories.

The application offers a dashboard view for easy management and tracking of expenses, ensuring that employees can submit and justify their expenses efficiently. It also facilitates quick updates and approvals. Additionally, Odoo Expenses integrates seamlessly with other Odoo business apps, such as CRM, accounting, and project management, to provide a unified and efficient business management solution.

Submit on the go

Submit On the Go

Simplified Billing

Robust reporting

Less typing more scanning

Less typing, more scanning

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