The Controller's Playbook As businesses face challenges, finance departments play a crucial role in ensuring survival and growth. The roles of financial controllers and CFOs have changed significantly, with CFOs taking on strategic responsibilities and controllers assuming traditional CFO duties. Controllers now handle financial planning, analysis, risk management, and technology selection. They require leadership, communication, [...]
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs CFOs today are playing key roles in developing strategy, fostering innovation, and driving growth. With so many new responsibilities on their plate, highly effective CFOs are operating with habits that help meet their new expectations in the role. The CFO role has transformed in an era where transformation [...]
Seven Reasons Nonprofits Choose NetSuite Over Sage Intacct Nonprofit organizations work hard to accomplish a world of good. Running one is much more complicated than it looks. Aside from the common issues like limited government funding, nonprofit organizations need to adopt new technology to help them manage their business and stay updated with accounting and [...]
Choosing the Right Financial Software: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses of All Sizes Introduction   Managing finances can be challenging, especially when dealing with large volumes of transactions, complex accounting rules, and ever-changing regulations. Financial software has become essential for businesses of all sizes to manage their financial operations effectively. However, choosing the right one [...]
Financial Health Optimization: All You Need to Succeed in 2023Introduction With political and economic crises, it is more important than ever for all companies to assess and optimize their financial health. This will prevent them from having thin margins or running low on cash. However, there is a perceived inability to control the organization’s complex [...]
20 KPIs Every Growing Business Should Track To ensure a business is on track, business owners implement key performance indicators (KPIs). A KPI measures a company’s performance against its primary business objectives. KPIs are essential to measuring as your business is growing.  They monitor company health. They measure progress toward goals. They indicate whether a [...]
8 Financial Processes to Automate As accounting and finance professionals are well aware, the work required in accounting and finance roles is shifting. Professionals work is changing from reactive and transactional to proactive and analytical. It is being driven by technology, which is automating more and more processes. Moreover, About 50% of those surveyed by [...]
WHY ERP IS KEY TO THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is critical for businesses looking to improve customer experience and engagement. By automating and integrating key business processes, ERP systems give organizations real-time visibility into data and performance metrics. This allows businesses to make informed decisions that can improve customer experience.    [...]

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